The reflexology treatment was wonderful. I slept so well that night. As you could tell, it's been a while since I had a treatment and needed one urgently. Thank you for booking me in at such a short notice. I will give you more notice next time  ~ D / Retired teacher

My job is very stressful. I am also on my feet quite a bit. When Cathy works on me, it's the best destressor I have found. Even my shoulders and neck stop feeling so tense. My feet feel wonderful after the session. Thank you Cathy.  ~ Desmond / Realtor 

Cathy, Thank you for all the feel-good you’ve given me!  Both treatments have shown me what it feels like to gain a deeper knowledge of what my body is telling me. What a great gift to settle into a relaxed expression of me afterward and onward!     
~ Jennifer M. / Entrepreneur

Cathy I am doing great….thank you for asking.  I can’t believe it, it is like I never smoked..have the memory of it, but no craving or desire to smoke.  Everyone should try this method of divorcing an old relationship…lol  ~ Dee Simpson / Insurance professional