Natural Healing & Balance

This non-invasive therapy is an ideal way to relax and de-stress while allowing your body to naturally restore its balance and encourage healing. Gentle pressure is applied to the reflex points on the feet and/or hands, which correspond to specific parts, organs, and glands of your body.

By stimulating these reflexes, your body experiences a deep state of relaxation so it can naturally clear blockages of toxin deposits to detoxify, relieve stress, and increase circulation. 

Egyptians have practiced reflexology since 2330 BC. Doctors agree that more than 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension.  Reflexology improves the nerve connections and blood supply and helps normalize your body naturally.

Experience the benefits of a relaxing reflexology treatment. It can be performed on all ages - from newborn to elderly, including during pregnancy and post surgery.   

Reflexology complements all other healing modalities.

Hear Cathy Talk about Reflexology

Cathy recently gave an interview on Your Life, Your Way with Gail Barker on CIXX FM. Listen to the interview below.

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