Meet Cathy Brown-Swanton

Certified Reflexologist & Natural healer

Cathy Brown-Swanton, an accredited and multi-talented holistic wellness therapist, is known as a natural healer who intuitively knows what the body is asking for…even if her clients don’t.   She was nominated for the 2013 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year award in recognition of her growing wellness practice. 

Growing up, Cathy had the privilege of experiencing life in various small towns and large cities throughout Ontario and today is as comfortable at a fundraiser in a little black dress as she is in jeans in the middle of the wilderness. 

Several years ago, Cathy became aware that her life needed to change.  The hectic pace of being a corporate manager combined with her duties as an active community volunteer, mother to four teens, and assisting her ailing parents were taking their toll on her health.  Clarity came after she lost her parents within two years of each other to lifestyle-related illnesses.  So, her corporate downsizing, which shut one door, opened a window to a new passion – holistic proactive health care.

Today, Cathy shares her talents with her seven active grandchildren in a way that leads them to strengthen their own energy.  Often, they go to her studio and ask if they can “help change their own energy” as they make themselves comfortable.  Sharing her wisdom with these young souls will inspire a new generation into the world of self-care and non-invasive holistic alternative therapies.

Cathy continues her passion of giving back to the community through her 20+ years with Rotary and her church.  She has journeyed to Uganda and Ethiopia on a medical mission as well as volunteering in her community at schools to prepare hot breakfasts for children.  She has helped raise thousands of dollars through a myriad of events for a multitude of charities.

Cathy loves travel and retreats that feed her soul. Whether it’s travelling across the world or at her “homes” in the north, Cathy finds balance.  Restoring her energy is as important as is helping others restore theirs.  She offers healing retreats at her lake front cottage and her cabin in the forest; water to energize, earth to ground, the sun and moon to centre.   

By getting their energy flowing, Cathy helps her clients de-stress from sole to soul.

Cathy holds specialties in:

  • Reflexology

  • Healing Touch

  • Reiki

  • Cold Laser Therapy

  • Ionic Foot Bath Detox

  • Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

  • AromaTouch Massage

  • Essential Oil Therapy and Education

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Listen to Cathy talk about reflexology on a interview on the Your Life, Your Way podcast.

Listen to Cathy talk about reflexology