What Do You Imagine Your Life Will Be Like 5 Years From Today?

Before considering your answer, think back to five years ago. Did you see your life as it is today?  Is this what you had planned for your future?  I know my life today is not what it looked like then…thankfully!

Five years ago, I was the sole proprietor of a wellness clinic that was “reasonably” successful.  I was happy working with wonderful clients to help them reach a greater level of health and balance.  Then one day, out of the blue, someone called my clinic to ask if I would be open to the opportunity of looking at a direct sales business to enhance my wellness clinic…and my future began to change.

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I had tried several direct sales companies in the past, always believing in the product but never realizing the promised revenue – and I told myself I would never join another one again.

But the product with this company fit perfectly with my clinic so I was open – to the product – but not the opportunity,

Fast forward to today. Life is different and wonderfully so.  Today, the “opportunity” that comes with this direct sales business delivers the added income I didn’t believe I could ever achieve.

Five years ago, I said yes and became a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA…and I have never looked back! doTERRA is a company recognized for reaching out to those in need, reaching those who truly care about purity with their essential oils, and is recognized both scientifically and medically in the business world. The products were fantastic – a perfect fit for my clinic and helping my clients achieve that greater level of wellness and balance.

It actually took me several months of buying the product at retail prices to come to my senses and consider a second conversation about the business opportunity.  You see, I was investing a lot of money on quality products but I was missing out on the earning rewards system that provided me with free product and residual income.  Somehow, I’d missed the lesson on buying wholesale and selling retail.  Instead, I was buying retail and selling retail.  Not a good business decision!

My past corporate life was in sales so I understood about commissions, management bonuses, incentives, sales promotions, etc.  I am a firm believer that the structure of sales rewards are no different in direct sales than they are in a corporate sales environment – except for the fact that my direct sales rewards benefit me because of my own personal hard work. Rewards from that same effort within the corporate world was shared with my team and the corporation.

So five years ago, I realized my small wellness clinic business was just that…a small business with limited ability to create wealth or even extra play money for the future.  In my business, I was trading time for money and I could only earn up to a certain level of income based on the number of hours in a week.

Five years ago, I once again looked at the opportunity with a lot of disbelief based on previous experiences.

  • I challenged the numbers. 

  • I challenged the leadership of the company. 

  • I challenged myself to believe that I had the skill, the experience, and the energy to work in this direct sales business and to see the potential realistically. 

  • In other words, I did my homework.

What I discovered about this company is that they have a heart, a BIG heart!  They have a social conscious. 

They don’t just give away prizes of trips, and cars, and baubles as incentives or rewards but they give away socially-conscious trips where you can participate in building water wells and schools for those less fortunate.  Your hard work goes toward helping children be freed from the sex trade industry and toward girls’ education in countries where education is not seen as vital or necessary.

For me, this company fit with my moral standards and my social consciousness to help others.  Heck, that’s what I had wanted to do when I started my wellness practice.  That’s what I had been doing as a member of the Rotary Club and as a member of our church community.  Helping others is a big part of what I believe we need to have more of in this world.

So, I said “yes!”  Yes to the potential to work with a company that would provide me with:

  • Scientifically researched quality products.

  • Extensive training.

  • The opportunity to earn and create residual income so that in 5 years I could live my retirement dream life.

  • The opportunity to work with a community of like-minded people.

Five years from now where do I see myself? 

  • I see myself retiring from hands-on therapy – trading time for money.

  • I see myself teaching the benefits of doTERRA’s products and philosophies as well as the techniques of using doTERRA’s products in therapeutic businesses.

  • I’ll choose where to hang my hat in the world because I only see opportunity ahead. 

  • I see the potential for me to be more socially conscious in our world. 

  • I see the potential for me to have a revenue stream that provides me a lifestyle I have been putting on my vision boards for the past 20 years.

I want others to share this enthusiasm that I have and I want to show women, especially, how they can:

  • Take their skills from their years of business or household experience and turn it into income that can supplement their retirement.

  • Replace income they may have lost in a separation or divorce.

  • Enhance what they receive from government support.

  • Create this income within a group of socially-conscious individuals who support each other and hold each other up.  (I call these people my “tribe” but if that doesn’t resonate with you then a “group of like-minded people.”)

The doTERRA business opportunity offers a turnkey operation with a low initial investment, including:

  • Personalized Web site ready to launch

  • Marketing material

  • Product promotions

  • Social media support

  • Ongoing training and mentorship

You don’t need a secretary to start and run this business!  You don’t need to recreate the wheel…you just need a desire for more in your life.

Everyone’s financial goals and dreams are different.  If $300 extra income each month seems like a windfall to you, or even $3000 a month, it’s doable! I’m doing it! You don’t have to be business savvy to make it work for you because the key is you don’t have to do it alone.  I become your support and mentor as you delve into the ongoing training and development.

So back to my original question: What do you imagine your life will be like 3 years from today?

If you would like to work within a “sisterhood” of like-minded women for support, community, and friendship then this business offers it.

As a doTERRA wellness advocate, you’ll be helping to create an alternative lifestyle of holistic wellness for yourself, your family, and your friends…and yes, even for people you have yet to meet.

doTERRA offers you an opportunity to improve not only local but global communities and their economic futures, serving others through the company’s Healing Hands Foundation.

If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to be a part of then I am here to help you take the first step, and the second, and the third.  I have been mentored since I said “yes” and I continue to be mentored – plus I mentor others much like you.

The power to change your future is in your hands!  OR…you have the power to continue on the path you’ve been taking the past three years.  It’s your choice.

Do you have a desire to receive more tomorrow than you are receiving today?

Do you have a desire to be a part of something bigger than what you have today?

Do you have a desire to share your experiences and help others see their potential?

If you want to see yourself in a different picture three years from now or even one year from now, let’s talk. There’s no obligation and you can decide for yourself if you’re ready to change your future!

And if you’re feeling even slightly overwhelmed at the prospects ahead for your future, be sure to download my free guide: “9 Holistic Self Care Techniques for the Overwhelmed Woman” to help you be healthy, balanced, and wise.  Click on the link above, complete the form, and you’ll receive it immediately in your inbox.

Together, we can change your future!

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Cathy Brown-Swanton

doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Educator



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