Inexpensive vs Expensive Health Solutions

Some people seem to look for inexpensive solutions to better their health.  Perhaps they are focused on being able to afford the solution first and the overall health benefit second.  Paying a premium for a solution doesn’t always mean you can’t or shouldn’t.  If your life depended on it I would imagine you’d find a way.

Other people seem to believe that the more it costs the better the solution must be.  Free and or Easy don’t necessarily mean they aren’t good solutions!

What I have come to know about myself and others is that if I can see the “value” in the solution then I will be determined to have it no matter what the cost.  There are solutions where I will not waiver:

-I will NOT put plastic in my dishwasher as I believe the heat will cause toxins to be released from the plastic

-I will NOT throw garbage on the streets as it pollutes our environment

        -I will no longer lay out in the sun for hours as it will damage my skin.          



So because everyone is different I am going to offer you some Inexpensive and Expensive Health Solutions you can try. You choose which you prefer.



1/ Keep yourself hydrated.  Drink water.  Flavour the water if you don’t like the taste of plan old water.  Keep a glass of water handy whenever possible, the bedside, the car, your desk, out at an event.  Try increasing your water consumption by “ONE” glass!  It’s the small steps that will help create a healthy habit.


1/ Drink expensive bottled water.  Whether it’s from a blue glass bottle, or a bottle with a logo, drink water.  Your skin will love it, your digestion will love it and your mind will feel it.


Inexpensive Solution:

2/ Say “NO!”  Learning to cut back on our obligations and commitments can seem impossible however many times we are our own worst enemy.  If you are someone who has to help everyone and solve all the problems then this will fee hard.  You won’t know till you try it.  Practice with me “No, I can’t I have something on then.” “No, I can’t right now.”  “No, I can’t”.

Expensive Solution:

2/ Say “YES” and then hire someone to handle all the obligations you can’t manage.  We all have 24 hours in a day, no more, no less.  If we over commit ourselves something has to give, our health, our joy, our relationships.   


Inexpensive Solution:

3/ Take deep breaths.  Really, really deep breaths.  If you travel in your job, every time you stop at a red light or get stuck in construction, take a deep breath.  Breathe in through the nose, hold it and breathe out through your mouth.  If you are in an office, every time you see a double digit appear on your computer screen or your phone, take a breath.  You don’t need to find the time, you need to take the time when you have a moment.  You need to remind yourself to do it.

Expensive Solution:

3/ Get a gym membership and work out 3 x’s a week.  Work your lungs with the exercise of your choice, the work out machine of your choice but get yourself moving and breathing.


Inexpensive Solution:

4/ Stand up….now sit down.  Repeat!  Many of us have jobs where we are sitting a lot of the time.  We need to get the blood flowing, the oxygen flowing and the muscles moving.  So it’s easy, stand up when you are on the phone, stand up and stretch…just stand up MORE than you are now.

Expensive Solution:

4/ Buy a home gym and use it!  An elliptical machine will have you moving your muscles or set up free weights and do some lunges or squats to move your muscles.


Sometime we just need to be reminded that there are solutions.  Sometimes we need to be challenged to try a solution.  Sometimes we just need to get over ourselves and just do something different.  You decide where you find value and start some better health solutions today.

The cost of not making healthy choices is you becoming unhealthy.  Illness is costly!


Studio Wellness Clinic