The Pleasure of Dining Alone

The Pleasure of Dining Alone
Today I had the pleasure of dining along.  Now to many this would seem like a strange enjoyment.   After all, we are creatures that need to be a part of community.  To others and young mothers come to mind, the appeal of the solitude and quiet this might make sense
Today I created a focused, mindful meal and time to relish it.  
Focusing on what I would eat.
Focusing on how I would prepare it.
Focusing on the gratitude for the food I had.
Focusing on the smell of the meal, the taste of each food I ate and focusing on the colour of each piece I consumed.
Added to this pleasure was the sun gleaming off the lake.  The brilliant colours of the green trees, the red deck chairs and the blue sky.
I chose this time to be thankful for my time, my quiet time to dine alone.
Tomorrow I will have the pleasure of faster movement in my morning and a higher level of energy that I will enjoy.
But just for this moment I have had the pleasure of dining alone.