Creating the right space.

Creating the RIGHT space.
Working from home can be a real joy and sometimes it can be a challenge.  I have recently gone from "owning" my own space and time at my home office to a new reality; people in my space!
You see my husband retired last year and now what I perceived to be my workspace, the entire house, got downsized, to my studio and my office.  It felt like another corporate resturcturing in a way only this time in square footage.
Along with moving back to my official space in the home came the reality of sharing my time.  Let me just say that I love my husband.  He supports me in my practice.  He lends a hand with tasks when I ask.  He challenges me to do better allthe time.....but he's in my space!
He's now around in "my time" which I've had it all to myself for the past 6 plus years.  It's different.  It's uncomfortable at times and I"m not feeling in control.
After all one of the benefits I feel entitled to as an entrepreneur is the freedom of being my own boss and being in charge of my own time and schedule.  Isn't that a draw for all entrepreneurs?  
I've learned to "flex" with the Grandma duties and PD days over the past 6 years but getting used to a fulltime person on site is another adjustment.
So I'm finding myself letting go of my perceptions of "my space" and am working on shared custody and flex hours of our home.
My dining room table is no longer my desk and is now my board room with a calendar to advise the other household members when it will be needed.
My desk is now in my "designated" office where I claimed it to be 6 years ago.  I have a door in my office which I can close when needed to allow me a quiet workspace.
I have somewhat regular breaks where I can share a conversation and a cup of tea.
I've had to rein in my "sprawling" space and redefine in my mind what space I actually need and when.  I've always had teh same space, now I'm just working within it.  
Making use of what we have already and realizing that the more space we have the more we just fill it up have become abundantly clear to me.  
Use what you have and stop spreading out unnecessarily.
In my "new" old space I now:
    -climb more stairs and that's healthier
    -take semi regular breaks in the day and that's healthier
    -limit the amount of clutter and that's healthier
    -accept that I'm blessed to have my own space, a space to share AND someone to share it with.