My Change of Seasons....who knew

My Change of Seasons

As a business person I am always looking to increase my visibility in the competitive market.  If you don’t pay attention to trends and the market you won’t have a client base for very long. 

Luckily for me I love to learn and I can admit I don’t know everything about everything.  So I have relied on mentors and coaches to guide and direct me through this ever changing world of  business development. 

When I started out 8 years ago a web site was something to be considered.  Now it’s expected.  Now you must keep  updating so you can make it to the front page of a search.  So every season I try to change up my site to reflect the true me. 

Those changes to the website have meant a new picture of myself and boy am I noticing the changes of seasons I am living through.  When I started out 8 years ago I had a very businesslike look to me, after all I had just finished 35 years in a corporate job.  Then as I became comfortable in the energy of my new holistic health business my look changed.

Three years into the business I was now having my picture taken along a shoreline with softer colours and shapes.  Last winter I chose to have my picture updated amongst trees and snow.  This past week I had my picture retaken amidst the fall colours.  However the biggest change of season I see is in myself.  My colours have changed. 

I have allowed myself to be represented by my natural colours of grey and white.  I am now comfortable not only with a softer look but also a “lighter” look.  My seasons have changed as well and I am happy to say I love this change of season.  Who knew 8 years ago that my look would change to match my style. 

Watch for the new look coming soon to a website near