A Lesson in Resourcefuless!

Lessons from the Bus Stop

My husband and I have the pleasure of walking our 5 year old granddaughter Maeve to the bus stop every morning.  The conversations are always interesting and enlightening.
Today the conversation was about being resourceful.

Maeve:     “Grandma my favourite fruit is melon, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries......what’s yours?"

Grandma: “Hmmmm my favourite fruit would have to be pineapple."

Maeve: "I like that too."

Grandma: "Do you remember up at the cottage when we went to our secret blueberry patch to pick fresh blueberries?"

Maeve: "Yes, that was so much fun.  Quinn and I had blueberries all over our face.  Did Daddy send you the picture?"

Grandma: “Yes.  But why were the blueberries all over your face?  You were supposed to pick the blueberries and put them in the bowl."

Maeve: “Quinn and I decided to use our mouth as the bowl.  It was easier than holding the bowl and eating them later.”

Lesson Learned:
Be resourceful!