Rain Rain Rain! Are you tired of it?

Rain Rain Rain!  Are you tired of it?

If you've been in Southern Ontario recently you know we've had a lot of rain.  The news said that we've have over 85mm of rain this past weekend resulting in flooded basements, leaking foundations and ruined events!

Well sometimes in life we feel likes it's been doing nothing but raining on our lives.  It's like someone turned on the storm and it just won't quit!  Maybe it's work, perhaps it's family, it could be finances and quite possible it's taking its toll on YOU!

You might be feeling a little blue, have a nagging headache that just won't go away or perhaps have a really bad tummy!  All of these are probably the result of the stress that is raining on your life.  Stress affects everyone and it's how we handle it that makes a difference! 

Here are a couple of tips that you can use when there is too much raining on your life!

1/ Pause for moment, a take a deep breath!  Getting oxygen to your body feeds your blood and helps your muscles.

2/ Laugh at something or with someone!  Laughter releases endorphins which are the happy vitamins for the body.

3/ Go outside and grab a breath of fresh air! Changing your physical space even for a moment can clear your head.

If you are still overwhelmed consider a REFLEXOLOGY or AROMA THERAPY HOT STONE MASSAGE.  These are two drug free, holistic therapies.  Please go to www.studiowellnessclinic.com to learn more.

At the Studio Wellness Clinic we just want you to FEEL GOOD AGAIN!

AND remember sunshine always follows a storm!