HAPPY NEW YEAR! or.....Why wait? DO IT NOW!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  or.....Why wait?  DO IT NOW!

It's now the middle of September and there is an autumn chill in the air.  Our thoughts are turning from summer activities to preparing for shorter days and winter months ahead.  In preparation for this I commited to a "food detox".  I've spent the last five days working with a  registered holistic nutritionist Vanessa Case on a simple food program.  The food and the juices were great.  REALLY!  I did this to give my body a rest from the "excessive indulgences" of the past summer.  It was a great summer filled with BBQs, parties, gatherings with friends, family and GREAT food.

One thing that I have been reflecting on is how many times we commit to something and put it off or start it and don't complete it.  Can you remember back to a January, the beginning of the year when you made a resolution to yourself about getting healthier, exercising more or quitting smoking?  
September 21st will mark the official end of summer and BEGINNING of a new season.  Why not make this the NEW YEARS resolution start date?  It's never too late.  You will have 102 days to meet your goals!  Why wait?  DO IT NOW!

After all if we had objectives to make for work, sales goals, financial goals we wouldn't quit now in September to reach those goals would we?  NO!

So ask yourself:
WHY did I want to achieve those resolutions/goals in the first place?
Will I be healthier, happier and more in control if I achieve those goals?
Why wait?

Find someone who can help you lose the weight, quit smoking, take a trip!  DO IT NOW!
Find someone who will support you! DO IT NOW!
If'd you'd like some help and don't know where to start give me a call at studiowellnessclinic.com!