You Just Never Know!

You just never know!

I know I'm not the only one who tells themselves they are good at something and not good at something else.  In my case I've always been the "chatty Cathy" and have no reservations about getting up to speak somewhere.  Years ago I took the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking program and I really liked it.  I went on to mentor people in public speaking and loved it.  I could be animated or serious and bring different emphasis to a talk with just my words and my voice.  It was easy.

On the other hand I've never considered myself a great writer!  I liked reading but when it came to essays or creative writing I always felt I wasn't any good.  Perhaps I've always considered myself to be more Left Brain than Right Brain and lacked creative ability as a result.  I was afterall called out for plagerism in Grade 2, just after I'd changed schools.  I had to write a story and I remembered one from Grade 1 in the other school that I really liked.  So...I rewrote it.  Not word for word but very close.  My teacher recognized the story line and asked me where I got my creative idea from.  I had to fess up and admit I had "reworked" the story because I couldn't come up with anything.  

So I have always over the years stayed away from writing and have chosen to be a speaker.  Until today!  And WHAM!! I received and email today asking if I would allow a funny story I had written to be published.  It was a short story about a funny incident at our cottage written out just the way I would have told you the story.  It had been easy!  Now someone wanted to publish the funny little piece.  You just never know!  Maybe I can write afterall.

It's now time to recognize that my self talk about not being able to do something is wrong!  I think I will make a list of all the things I tell myself I can't do and create a vision board.  I will call it  "I CAN DO IT - I JUST HAVEN'T DONE IT YET!"

You just never know!