It’s all in your perspective!
Recently we attended a wonderful dinner to celebrate our son and daughter in laws 8th wedding anniversary.  After dinner we walked back to the car very content after a wonderful meal and some great family time.  Upon approaching our car we discovered it had been badly damaged in a “smash and grab”.  A cell phone had been left on the back seat of the car and had been the target of the vandalism.  
There were a lot of emotions expressed.  Anger over the damage.  Regret over leaving the phone in the car.  Despair over losing the private pictures on the phone.  Frustration over having to pay for another cell phone and the window to be replaced.  Bewilderment over why someone would do something so invasive.  
Within minutes we had the cell phone plan cancelled, the insurance company notified and arrangements made to have the car repaired.  
There were many ways to react to this situation.  Years ago I might have continued to use “adjectives” to describe the person who had done the deed.  I might have continued to ask “why me?” to anyone who would listen to my tale of woe.   And then there is today......I wonder what type of life the person is involved with that they need to resort to these actions!  I ask myself “what could we have done to prevent this from happening again?”  I examine the situation and realize it’s a broken window and a lost phone, which are replaceable!  I am thankful that no one was injured and we are all fine.  I reflect and realize that we still had a wonderful dinner together and some great family time.  Today  I’ve come to learn it’s all in your perspective.
What do you see from your perspective?  Has your perspective changed?  Do you need to change your perspective?