After the cold! ah chuuu

So I, like many others this winter came down with a head cold that set me back a bit and definitely hindered my energy.  The end of my cold has been marked with beautiful sunshine outside and some warming temperatures.  BUT what happens after the cold or should I say what should we do after the cold?


As I look around at all the items I’ve touched or have been around I’m thinking that there is a lot of “cleaning up” I should be doing with my surroundings after the cold.  I’ve done the obvious, washing the towels, sheets and clothes.  Emptied the garbage of all traces of the cold, but there’s really more to do!


So if you’ve had a cold and gotten over it and are now moving about your regular routine perhaps you might want to take a moment and “clean up” the rest of your environment!


1/ Clean your smart phone screen and keyboard


2/ Clean your laptop or computer keyboard and screen


3/ Clean your telephone


4/ Clean the remote for the television


5/ Clean the door knobs and handles on the fridge, stove and cupboards


6/ Clean the steering wheel of your car, your car keys


7/ Clean the light switches


After all you might be feeling better but your environment may still be hanging onto some germs.  Lets avoid a reoccurrence of coming down with another cold or someone else in your family coming down with a cold by taking care after the cold!


Glad to be feeling better!