SORE FEET! What's up with that?

So the weather has changed and you’ve stopped wearing your boots and have switched over to your “outdoor shoes”.  You’ve had a couple of occasions were you’ve managed a night at a gala event in heels.  You’ve unveiled your toes from the warm socks and slippers that have adorned your feet for the past several months.  And all of a sudden OUCH!! Your feet are sore.  What’s up with that?


Wouldn’t you think that removing the extra winter layers of protection and warmth that your feet would be reveling in the freedom?


Wouldn’t you think that freeing your feet would make them happy?


There can be many reasons why your feet are not feeling to great.  The confinement of shoes might be putting strain on different tendons and muscles.  The lack of air to the feet over the winter months may have caused your heels to callous and crack.  The twisting of ankle rotation as you walked over uneven snowy sidewalks may have caused tension in the feet. 


So here are some tips to get your feet ready for Spring with less foot pain:


1/ Soak your feet in a warm footbath of 2 cups Epson salts or Sea salt and 3 or 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil.  You don’t need a fancy foot bath just a pan or a bath with some warm water.  Maybe have a cup of warm herbal tea while you’re soaking your feet.


2/ While you are sitting watching TV or reading a book, get a tennis ball and roll it under the arch of your foot, forward, back and side to side.  Stretch out those muscles and tendons.


3/ Take a paper towel and roll it up lengthwise.  Now run the “roll” over and under your toes to separate them.  Give your toes some individual space to “just be” by themselves.  After all they’ve been crushed up against each other for a while now.


4/ Take some olive oil and rub it into your feet and put your feet up to let it soak in.  Just sit back and let your feet absorb the oil.  If you like you can add a drop or two of lavender essential oil. 


5/ If you prefer pick up the phone and call to make an appointment for Reflexology!  Here you will get to lay back and have someone else remove the winter stress from your feet and you’ll be surprised how good you will feel afterwards.