Connecting to a GREAT book!

Have you ever had the experience of reading a book and thinking that it was written just for you or perhaps all about you?

When you can relate to the story of the book your heart can race, your feet become grounded and your breathe becomes deep.  I've just finished a book for my Healing Touch course entitled " Walking a Sacred Path - Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice by Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress.

Before reading this book I had three experiences with a labyrinth.  Once while I was teaching at a conference in Mexico, the hotel had a labyrinth with the path marked by a boxwood hedge.  It was placed beside the ocean edge and I got up at dawn to watch the sunrise as I walked the labyrinth.  I had had no experience with one before.  That was in 2006 while I was still in my corporate telecom days.  The second experience I had with a labyrinth was 2 years ago when I was shopping at the Mandala Book Store in London and I purchased a labyrinth ring for my keychain.  I've carried it for the past three years and have ran my fingers around the path many times.  My third experience with a labyrinth was to request that one be built into the plans of the redesign of our backyard.  I had a circle patio pad built but never did complete the design onto it.

With all three of these occurrences I had no history or knowledge of the meaning or purpose of the labyrinth, yet I was drawn to it.  Now as I work towards a certification in Healing Touch I am required to complete certain readings to grow and develop.  The book "Walking a Sacred Path" was on the reading list but was also a recommendation from my Holistic Nutitionist Vanessa Case.  Over the past week I have read the book with great interest and with a great sense of knowledge.  The book has been exciting to the point of interrupting my husband's reading to read to him passages and points of knowledge from the book. 

Upon doing some research today I have discovered that Lauren Artress, the author, will be coming to Toronto to do a lecture series in June.  Although I would dream of travelling to California or Chartres France to hear her speak I am ecstatic to have her come so close to home.  So the tickets are ordered and I will continue to learn more about this "Path" that has been calling me now for several years. 

If you are interested to learn more about this book and the labyrinth here are some websites to visit.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am.