Spring! Spring! Oh where are thou?

I know!  Officially spring arrives this Thursday the 21st of March….however it doesn’t look like spring outside NOR does it feel like spring.  For those of us who thought that February was long, March is feeling longer!


So, what can we do about it?  I know I’ve been visualizing:

-          Opening the windows and letting the fresh air inside

-          Hanging the laundry outside in a nice breeze

-          Turning off the furnace

-          Taking down the outside Christmas lights

-          Clearing out the “STUFF” in the basement for a garage sale in May

-          Putting out the patio furniture

-          Turning on the water fountain in the  backyard

-          Washing and vacuuming my car out

-          Removing some quilts off the beds

-          Washing the windows

-          Going for “warm” walks outdoors

-          Changing the diet from comfort food to energetic food

-          Feeling the warm sunshine

-          Seeing the neighbourhood come alive with people outdoors and greeting strangers walking by

-          Planning some summer BBQs with friends and family


So until the weather gets warmer and the sunshine is here to warm us I’ll just have to hang in there.  Although it feels like it’s so far away it will be here before we know it and like every other day, week or month it will be gone and over as quickly.  So perhaps the message is to enjoy today whether it’s snowy, grey or cold and celebrate a warm home, a good meal, family, friends and what they have to offer until then!


So now I want to offer thanks!  If it’s cold, I’m thankful that I have a place to get warm.  If it’s grey outside I’m thankful that I have power to turn on a light.  If it’s snowing outside I’m thankful that I have the health to shovel the snow.  If it’s comfort food again tonight I’m thankful that the vegetables in the soup are nutritious.  If it’s to miserable outside I’m thankful that I have a comfortable couch to sit on while I catch up on some reading.  If the wind is too cold and loud outside I’m thankful that I have some soothing music to listen to inside! 


I guess it’s all about appreciating what we’ve got instead of wishing for tomorrow and what we don’t have!