A friend of mine just said "NO" to me!

The other day I asked a friend to help me with something and she said "NO"!

Now some people would take offense to this response especially after knowing that you have given and supported them in other endeavors on several occassions.

Instead I thanked them!  They had done something to honour themself by not taking on anymore tasks or respsonsibilities in their life.  ``Good for them!" I say.

I know saying "NO" has been a word that I have had to learn the hard way.  I've overextended myself at times.  I've given little or no priority to what really mattered to me in life!  I've given so much at times that I've made myself ill from over doing it.

In my practice I see people who lets just say, "Have alot on their plates!"  They come for reflexology and massage to relieve the effects of the stress they are under in their  personal and business lives.  One of the messages I try to deliver to my clients is, ``Once in a while it's OK to say NO!"  Honour yourself, your priorities and your health.

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