It seems every year at this time I fall into a state of overwhelm!  YES! even the one who practices the services of destressingn others falls victim to overwhelm.

As my business moves into the last quarter of the year I look back on my "TO DO" list and vision board can come to the realization that there is still much work ahead of me to achieve my goals.  Nothing like the home stretch of the year to motivate you to reach your goals!  And then.....there is planning for next year.

Personally in my volunteering, it's busy.   It's a time of our churches Christmas Bazaar, our Rotary club's annual auction, the major fund raiser.  It's a planning time for another fund raiser coming up in March that we must prepare for.  Community involvement is very important to me and if you are going to belong to a group you have to be prepared to work with the group.

As a mom and a grandma there are responsibilities of family.  This is the season of Thanksgiving, Pumpkinfest and Christmas.   Time to gather our large extended family and celebrate.  I am blessed to have such a large family that loves gathering, but it all takes planning and organizing around schedules and other family members.

Then there is always exercise and diet.  As we move indoors and the weather turns colder I try to focus on maintaining a good level of movement to avoid any gain from the comfort food ahead.  ahhhhhhh the worry of it all.

So today I will handle the overwhelm with some deep breathing to calm myslef.  A walk in the brisk air to clear my head and spend some time with my granddaughter.  A meeting with my business coach to organize my plans.  A sit down dinner based on seasonal vegetables and colours for my health.  I may feel overwhelmed at times but I have the wisdom to stop and gather myself before I move forward.
May you find the time to breathe some calm into your overwhelmed day today!