In appreciation of the RAIN!

With all the rain we've  been having lately here in Southern Ontario our world has once again turned green!

I've read that "You have to go through a breakdown before you can go through a breakthrough."

Perhaps our long hot scorching humid summer where daily we heard about the devastation to the farmers crops leading to higher food prices for all this fall, was our break down?

I know I've felt more compassion for our farmers.  I've had more concern for those with small incomes and their ability to provide healthy nutritious meals.  I've also felt more aware of the plentiful food we have here at home.

Hopefully we can all be more aware of our food and it's importance and maybe we can learn to take it less for granted!

Perhaps the long hot summer was our breakdown and now we are in the breakthrough of appreciation.

Enjoy the green and give thanks for the rain!