You know you're too busy when......

I  know everyone of us can come up with one item to finish this sentence if not many ways to finish this sentence.

- you find yourself wearing one black shoe and one blue shoe!

- you show up for a concert with a friend and you have the wrong night!

- you arrive at work with your kids jelly sandwich and not your tuna on rye sandwich!

- your car automatically pulls into a fast food drive through because you realize you haven't eaten yet today anything other than coffee!

Many of these examples come from clients who have come in for reflexology and one is mine!

Reflexology is the therapy of choice for many reasons ESPECIALLY when it's recognized that your busy life needs some help!

Firstly, Reflexology is referred to as a WHOLE BODY therapy.  It works on the physical and the mental body.  Relfex points on the feet stimulate every body part, organ and gland to trigger a response of either activating a sluggish part that's been underactive, perhaps the bowels, or to calm an overactive part like the adrenals because you've been going going going.

Secondly, Reflexology is a NATURAL, drug free therapy.  It's safe and effective without a prescription and without harmful side effects.  My clients have used Reflexology as an compliment to the medication their physician has prescribed, perhaps for high blood pressure or depression and also for some as an alternative to requesting a medicinal perscription for rising cholesterol.

Thirdly, Reflexology is a SAFE, therapy in a safe environment.  REFLEXOLOGY is a therapy that is practiced with the client fully clothed, except for their feet.  For many clients this makes the therapy safe and comfortable to receive, clients such as children, elderly and those who had some traumatic experiences they hold deep within themselves. 

If your days are micromanaged to the minute it's time to take a look at YOUR overall health and consider what impact it might be having!  Is your blood pressure rising year over year?  Are your blood sugars climbing? Are you exhausted all the time? 

Whatever it takes, take time, make time, steal some time for YOU!

Feel Good Again!