Can you organize your health and well being?


Can you organize your health and well being?

Many times when clients call to book appointments they have “found” some time for “themselves” and call to arrange an hour of reflexology or an aroma therapy hot stone massage.  In that moment they have acknowledged a few things:


1/ “I can’t put up with THIS (pain/ache/stress you fill in the blank) any longer and I NEED to do something about it.”


2/ “I want to escape from all THIS (you fill in the blank) and I’m going to MAKE the time to do something about it.”


3/ “I had a change in the busy schedule and now I CAN do something for ME.”


The build up of course to one of these three scenarios is that this same person has been ignoring, avoiding and belittling the signs of need from their bodies.


How many times have you heard your own self talk saying?


-          “oh it’s just a headache, a twinge, and it will go away”

-          “ouch it hurts but I don’t have time to do something about it, I’ll just take this and cover up the pain so I can continue with my routine”

-          “I’ll do something about it later after I’ve taken care of person A,B and C”


Many of us live with such a busy lifestyle that we don’t have time OR should I say we don’t prioritize time for organizing our wellbeing.  I know I’m guilty of it even now in my profession.  So how do we organize our health into our lifestyle?  It's much like organizing our  home!


Sometimes the answer is so simple we just don’t value the message.  Organize it!  Plan it! Prioritize it! Value it!


A good friend of mine Janice Kirwin is professional organizer with her own company Lighten-Up.  I have asked her for some advice on how to get started with organizing your home.  After all how many of us live day to day in an environment that is laden with “stuff” waiting for us do something with it?  Perhaps by starting with your space and working towards getting it organized you might feel like you have more “space” in your life to organize some time for your well being.


Here’s the advice from Janice and perhaps after you’ve followed her recommendations you can swap the words “room” and “space” with your “body parts” and “organs” and you can simply apply the general advice to your health and well being.

 Organizing your residence!

 1/ Before you start you need to know what you want to get organized!  You need to have a VISION, some GOALS and some time to set aside to do it.  Have the TOOLS you need and then the most important thing is to MAINTAIN it!

2/ Work on one room at a time.  Start at one corner and work your way around the room, no zigagging or you will lose focus.  If you find something that belongs in another room have a box or a laundry basket at the door to put it in so you can return it to it's proper place at a later time.

3/ Give yourself a time limit and a reward!  Set aside a block of time for a room (laundry room), 30 minutes, set a timer, and take a break when you are finished... treat yourself to a nice cup of tea or a latte!

 I hope you can find time to organize your health and well being.


Lighten-Up…..Feel Good Again!