DE-stressing DEATH!

A few years back my brother passed away suddenly.  I've shared in the unfortunate responsibility of handling the affairs after my brother's passing and it was to say the least very stressful.  As a result I felt compelled to teach my children the importance of having your affairs in order even if you are young and healthy.

Recently I had a good friend die suddenly in a terrible accident and I was thrown back to that feeling of loss.  For myself working in the holistic health care field I was able to draw on techniques and practices to help me deal with this stress and release some of the feelings that came back to me.

DEATH!  Just the word alone can raise your stress level.  The loss is stressful, the burdens of the decisions that need to be made are stressful, and the paperwork ahead of you is stressful!  STRESS comes from many people and many places at a time of loss.  Some of you may relate to the stress of losing a loved one suddenly.  Some of you may not!


One of the ways we can reduce stress for others, typically our loved ones who we’re most concerned with, is to be prepared.  It sounds easy but death is not a “fun” topic and so many people AVOID thinking about it and as a result are not prepared.


I’ve asked several business colleagues to recommend ways in which YOU can reduce other’s stress and your own by getting organized as it relates to their particular field of expertise. 


The first person I want to introduce you to is, Hope Evenden a lawyer with MacDonald Evenden Law and she has provided me with 3 tips to help you be prepared.


1/ Make a will and you will gain peace of mind. A will ensures your estate will benefit whomever you want it to with the least legal costs if you should die unexpectedly.


2/ Assign a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property.  Provide for someone you trust to look after your finances, investments, real estate and other property while you are alive in the event you became incapable of doing so yourself.


3/ Appoint someone to make medical and other personal care decisions for you if you were unable to do so yourself with a Power of Attorney for Personal Care.  If you wish, a Living Will (medical directive) can be incorporated into the same document.


If you are someone who has put off these decisions because you don’t want to deal with it. I hope you will take the advice above and take some control back over your stress.  Trust me when I say, the first step is the hardest but you will get rid of stress and have peace of mind after.



At the Studio Wellness Clinic, we want you to FEEL GOOD AGAIN!