How to Feel Good Again or Things That Make You Go AWWWW!

Lately some of my clients seem to be running on empty. Perhaps with the beautiful weather in March and then the cooler temperatures in April, greyer skies, more rain and just generally more spring like conditions their energy level has dropped!

If you find yourself in that same place here are some suggestions to use between your reflexology appointments. These are simple ideas that anyone can use to boost your spirits, your energy and your mood...Things That Make You Go AWWWWWWW!

- a cup of herbal tea! Now I know some of you love the java but a cup of tea mid afternoon that is a flavour you haven't had for a while can change your outlook. The scent of a tea such as licorice, or jasmine, or peach can stimulate the senses and bring you back to centre!

- a tincture of RESCUE REMEDY! Keep this handy in your purse, your desk drawer or your babies diaper bag for when you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and out of control. It's simple and effective!

- a golf ball! Rolling the golf ball in the palm of your hands is like having a mini Reflexology session. It will stimulate the reflex points on your hands relative to your digestive system, the immune system and your shoulders and neck. Let that tension go!

- a scented candle! Now this may not work in all locations because of the flame however in a safe environment a scented candle can stimulate the brain, relax the body and improve your mood.

- a vile of the essential oil lavender! Roll this on your wrists or neck and breathe in the beautiful essence to help relieve emotions that are running off at full speed. Slow down your moment in time by breathing in this beautiful scent.

So remember....if you are between your Reflexology appointments and you need to FEEL GOOD AGAIN why not try some of these suggestions!

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