FIVE Things to ponder!

Sometimes you barely have 5 minutes to yourself and other times 5 minutes of waiting can feel like 5 days.  Whether or not you think you do or think you don't have it...5 minutes can make a difference in your life!

Think about how many 5 minutes you've wasted or 5 minutes you've lost....So here are 5 Things to Ponder that might just create 5 minutes of calm in your hectic life.

Here are FIVE Things to ponder!  Enjoy.

1/ who are the FIVE people you would like to say THANK YOU to and haven’t had the time to?

 2/ what are FIVE things you would like to do if you had one whole day to yourself?

 3/ where are your FIVE most favourite places to be?

4/ when would you like to take FIVE weeks vacation, winter, summer, spring or fall?

 5/ why would you like to have an extra FIVE thousand dollars?


It's not a test!  It's an exercise of FIVE for your better health.