Lessons from the Forest

This past weekend we spent at our cottage walking through the forest, relaxing, soaking up the sunshine and admiring the beauty of the forest.  One thing that struck me was the "co-operation" of the forest!  There were so many different types of trees both hardwood and softwood living in the same space together.  We saw one pine tree that was growing amidst the branches of a hardwood tree and it looked as if it was being supported and encouraged to grow tall and strong.  The spruce and the pines were swaying in the wind moving freely as if they were dancing. 

It was on one of the walks that I thought how nice it would be if we "humans" could co-exist more like the forest.  We could support each other even though we had differences.  We could feel comfortable moving to our own rythm without worrying about why the next person wasn't moving the same way.  We could co-exist in the same space and create a beautiful environment that others wanted to be a part of and admire.

Lessons from the forest!