The Natural RYHTHM of Reflexology

Today during a reflexology session I felt like a piano player.  While mom was receiving reflexology and her babe was in the baby seat watching, he became a little upset.  He was fighting going to sleep and digesting his dinner he had before he arrived.  So with my hands administering reflexology to mom, my foot was able to rock the baby's seat which sent him into a deep relaxing sleep.  With the babies calmness realized, mom relaxed into her state of calm for the rest of reflexology session.  So like a piano player with my hands on the keys, her feet! my foot created the rythm of the pedal for the baby.

In years gone by in a former life I would have said I was multitasking but today it feels more like the natural rythm of reflexology.  If Billy Joel is the piano man I feel like the piano playing the natural rythm of reflexology.