Christmas and Holiday Stress...can you feel it?

As we find ourselves with less than a month till the Christmas and holiday season I've noticed that the "stress" level of some people seems to be increasing.  Whether it's the parking lots at the mall, the line up to check out at the store or the children that are so excited about the new toys on the market.

One of my clients yesterday shared with me how she handles the increased stress and I thought it was worth repeating.  She starts her gift shopping in September and has it all completed by the end of November.  This way she has the entire month of December for holiday parties, extra time with family and friends and just to enjoy a quiet evening with a good holiday movie curled up on the couch.  It also reduced the financial stress and she doesn't have to worry about a big bill arriving in January.

Although it's well passed September and too late to follow her example this year perhaps it'something you want to consider for next year.  It seems simplifying does reduce the stress of teh Christmas and Holiday season.

Do you have some "stress reducing strategies" you'd like to share......