Reflexology for Everyday Aches and Pains. REALLY!

Reflexology for Everyday Aches and Pains


As the holiday season approaches many are feeling the effects of stress on their bodies!


What’s your stressor?

Perhaps it’s the thought of getting together with family members who just aren’t your favourite!


Perhaps it’s the thought of having to keep up with tradition of buying gifts for family and friends when you know you can’t afford it this year!


Perhaps it’s the thought of having to organize the family function when you know you have so many other family commitments, work struggles and you’re just not feeling yourself!


Have you noticed that all of a sudden you are experiencing more headaches than normal?

Have you noticed that your shoulders feel like they are permanently locked up by your ears?

Have you noticed that your stomach is “reacting” to anything you are eating?


Stress has a way of having a negative impact on everything from your bones, to your organs and to you muscles!


Reflexology can REALLY help all of this!  Why?  Reflexology is referred to as a TOTAL body therapy.  There are pressure points for every organ, gland and body part and that means no matter what is out of sync REFLEXOLGY can help put it back into balance.


NO, it can’t relieve the stress or get rid of the stressful situation you are about to face BUT it will put YOU back in sync so you can face what you have to!


Reflexology has helped relieve head aches, back aches, heart aches and stomach aches.  If you’d like to know more why not call and book your appointment.  Better yet why not be prepared for the “stressful situation” ahead of you and book your treatment BEFORE it happens. 


Make this a HAPPY HOLIDAY by dealing with your everyday aches and pains with Reflexology