Foot Reflexology for Stomach Digestion Problems?

Do you find this or that hard to swallow?



Have you ever gone to friend’s house for dinner and before the meal was over you could feel the meal churning in your gut?  Your body is about to explode and you sit twitching in your chair wanting to bolt!


Everything was so yummy, the bread and brie before dinner, the salad with onions and croutons, the baked potatoe and steak!  Everyone else seems fine as the laughter and stories continue.  Do you excuse yourself and try to be silent in the washroom or do you make an excuse to leave early and race home?


As you leave the party early once again you realize that your stomach is upset these days more than it’s happy!  Why is it that everyone else can enjoy their dinners and not get the cramping and the urgency you get?  Are you ignoring the symptoms of digestive problems…. Acid reflux, abdominal bloating, heartburn, bowel problems?


Well the answer may be your body’s way of digesting food, the stress you are under and the foods you are eating.  There can be many triggers to poor digestion but it seems we’d rather ignore the signs than be honest with ourselves.  We’d rather take something before a known stomach upsetting dinner to mask the problem.  We’d rather pop some stomach settler medication after a dinner to deal with the explosions of gas. 


Taking control of your digestion doesn’t have to mean never eating the foods you love again but it may mean changing the “habits” of eating that you have built up over the years.  Taking care of YOU can be a priority!


Let’s start with some simple NO COST steps to improve digestion:


1/ WATER: it’s in our taps to drink!  If a doctor were to write a prescription for water there would be a lot more people feeling like water was the proper medication.  Just because it doesn’t come with the prescription don’t avoid drinking water.  It does your body GREAT!


2/ MOVEMENT: your body’s internal organs have to squeeze and push food through your body to extract the nutrients and transfer the food from your mouth to the other end!  We need to move the body, REGULARLY, to help that process.  So walk, stretch, do some yoga moves, ride a bicycle, MOVE!


3/ CHEW: chewing your food instead of gulping your food is the first major step in digestion!  That’s why we have teeth to break down the food into smaller bits so our body can process it more easily.  You wouldn’t consider giving a baby a chunk of steak and expect them to be able to digest it.  So baby yourself and CHEW your food to help your body.




To get some more great ideas on how to improve your digestion I consulted Registered Holistic Nutritionist Vanessa Case RHN from Our Natural Connection Your Digestive Health Expert! 256 Central Ave, 3rd Floor    and asked her to give us 3 GREAT foods for good digestion and some more tips on what to do for better digestion.  Here’s what she had to say:


AVACADO, of course!  The monounsaturated fats allow you to absorb nutrients from other foods much more effectively and it’s a superfood!


HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT, a prebiotic making lots of great friendly bacteria


BEETS AND BEET GREENS, high in fibre and minerals, great liver/gallbladder food, test your digestion with the colour of beets!  - Eat beets, see how long it takes to notice pink in the stool. Ideally it should be 18-24 hours.  If you have pink urine, your have very weak digestion and are low in stomach acid.


And a fourth SPROUTS!  They are a natural digestive enzyme, raw and fully bioavailable food.


1) Don't eat while stressed, your digestive system gets tight just like your muscles do, not allowing things to move with ease


2) Don't drink while you eat, you dilute the stomach acid and make digestion difficult


3) Take 1 tbsp ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar, 15 minutes before meals to prevent gas and bloating, break down fats, and increase stomach acid.   


BUT how does all this relate to Reflexology??

I thought you’d never ask!


Reflexology is a holistic treatment where pressure is applied to “reflex points” on the feet that are relative to every body part, organ and gland. 


Reflexology is a natural digestive aid that stimulates all the components of the digestive system from the mouth to the other end and “encourages” those parts to work in better harmony with each other and in some cases to wake up and start moving!


Reflexology is relaxing and that allows your internal organs to breathe and be able to work.  Nothing is harder than trying to do anything when you are tensed up both internally and externally!  Stress plays a major roll in poor digestion and reflexology assists with release the effects of that stress.


Reflexology is a natural remedy for digestion problems!


If you’d like to know more please contact me for a no charge no obligation consult to see if Reflexology is a good solution for you.  At the Studio Wellness Clinic we want to help you FEEL GOOD AGAIN!