Drinking water: Cold water vs. Warm Water the debate.

While there is always a lot of discussion around is it more beneficial to drink Cold water vs drinking Warm water there is a common consensus that drinking water for your health is essential. 

Here is an analysis that I have found from research and put together for you.


Cold Water                                            

Cold water burns calories because the body needs to heat up the water in order to use it.  8 glasses of cold water burns 70 calories. 

Cold water is less hydrating as the cold water causes the blood vessels surrounding the stomach to shrink thereby slowing absorption.

 Cold water brings down your body temperature faster after a workout or exercise.


Warm Water

Warm water hydrates because the body better as it causes less constriction of the blood vessels in the body.

Warm water is better for digestion because it does not cause the fats from the foods you have eaten or are eating to solidify thereby allowing the body to more easily digest and disperses the unwanted fats from the body.

 Warm water is healthy in the morning as it helps to flush the kidneys and help with bowel movements.

 Warm water stimulates the glands of the stomach and prepares the stomach for food.  After a meal warm water detoxifies and improves digestion.

 Warm water is better when you have a fever because as the body naturally heats up to destroy the virus in the body, drinking hot water will help the body to not have work as hard.  It will also prevent you from getting shivers.

So you decide but please stay hydrated even in the winter and drink water. 

More later on how to make water healthier and taste better……

Feel good again, drink your water.