ME time, is it really out there?

Can’t afford the time or the money to travel…where can YOU go to relax and feel good again this winter?


After the expense of Christmas and the onset of a cold winter many people wish they could escape to some sunshine and heat to beat the winter blues.  However if you’re like many you have the reality of the visa bill to pay off, the work to catch up on and the dark mornings to try to wake up in. 


How do YOU escape to feel good again?  Is there anything YOU can do….




The first thing that needs to be done is to admit and address your stressors!


1/ MONEY!  Get the bills out and face them.  Don’t ignore it hoping it will go away, it won’t!  Take a half hour and make a plan to start paying down the highest interest card first and set in motion a payment strategy so you can feel good again.  The goal here first and foremost is to be able to sleep without waking up in fear of the debt.  Decide if you can cut out a latte or two each week to relieve some of the financial stress to make you feel good again.


2/ WEIGHT GAIN! Acknowledge that there are only 24 hours in each day!  If you are feeling stress and not feeling good because you’ve gained a few pounds over the holidays, get on the scales and face it.  Make two columns one of the tasks you have to do each day and one for what you’d like to do.  Find a half hour a day or every other day to reach your “what you’d like to do” list.  Walk on the treadmill, walk outside, do some stretching, do some yoga.  Do something in a half hour to make you feel good again.


3/ COMMITMENTS! Declare a time and place in your home as a work free, family free YOU zone.  Arrange for your husband to take the kids out one night a week for some one on one time, arrange for a friend to visit your mom or dad in their home to inspire some conversation, arrange for YOU to take the dog out for a walk once a week so you can be by yourself and feel good again.


So how do you escape when you can’t afford to go south or you can’t afford to leave your family and job…..


Be by yourself somewhere, outdoors, in a bathtub, in bed or with a book!  If it were important enough or should I say if YOU thought you were important enough you’d find and make the time to escape so you could feel good again.  You’d run to help a friend if they had a problem to deal with and asked for your help!  Now do it for yourself, YOU deserve to feel good again!