Is it just too simple?

Is it just too simple??


A lot of people at the beginning of a new year take a look at their lives, their habits and their lot in life and decide on some things to change for the better.  Health is usually one of the areas that get a lot of attention.  It always seems that the gyms get busier in January, the diet book sales go up in January and the commitments to oneself increase in January.


Water, water everywhere!  But not a drop to drink or what I’ve heard is “but I don’t feel like any.”


We’ve all heard the recommendations, drink 8 glasses of water a day or drink half your body weight in ounces of water.


Our body parts, organs, muscles, skin, everything is comprised of up to 80% of water.

We are blessed to be in a country where water is in abundance and really we have our choices of types of water.  Filtered, spring, tap, bottled, flavoured….so many choices.  But that’s another day’s topic!


For the most part if you are willing to drink tap water you don’t have to pay extra for the privilege of being able to drink water and stay hydrated.  Let’s call this free for the sake of the article.


So it’s free, it’s abundant, it’s readily available and our bodies need it to be healthy!  Is it just too simple that we believe if we don’t have to pay big money for it, or don’t have to fight for the right to have it or we aren’t sick enough to require a drip line to replenish our bodies with it, we can ignore it? 


As we try to figure out how to simplify our lives in 2012, save more money, and be healthier what will it take to make us understand that by drinking more water, more often we can be healthier, richer and it’s that simple!


Sometimes when something is so simple and right in front of our eyes we don’t see it or the value.  Perhaps we just need to stop for a moment and ask ourselves can I improve my life by drinking water which is healthy, readily available and doesn’t need to cost me any extra if I don’t want it to?


Is water on your list of to do items for 2012?  It should be.    It’s really that simple!