Harmonics of Healing

Harmonics of Healing is this weekend!!!


In another chapter of my life I trained people how to best use their telephone systems.  Delighting in travelling across North America for the company I worked for, I enjoyed sharing the technologies of communication.


Little did I know it would be a constant in the book of my life!


Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with SWC or reflexology.  Truth is, our body is a communication tool for our spirit and wellness.  Our body tells us a lot about us in a way many of us aren’t used to.


So, the moment I accepted the invitation to share my expertise for Harmonics of Healing, my trainer hat went on.  I’m delighted to share what I have learned about the subtle communication of bodies.  Learning to translate YOUR body language! is what I intend to enrich what you already know; focusing on the following points:

 What is your body telling you?

  • How do you translate?
  • What’s next…how do I change things? 

Please come and learn from YOU, some of the most basic communication ever created.  We’re geared for our survival and ultimately, our wellness.


I hope to see you there!