Going back to school ! How's your stress level?

Well it's already the end of August and right now parents and kids are counting the days till school goes back. 

Some parents are feeling personally fatigued after two months of trying to find activities to keep their children engaged, entertained and active for the summer months!

Some parents are feeling financial stress from having had to pay for summer camps, daily activities, summer vacations, and now re-clothing the children in school clothes and supplies!

Some children are feeling the stress of sibling rivalry for the past couple of months, and now are facing the fear of the unknown from "who will I have for my teacher" to "who will be my best friend this year"!

Some children are feeling the financial stress of going off to university or school and realizing the cost of books, living away from home, separation from family and long time friends!

Some children are facing the emotional stress of not having been accepted into a school of their choice, of not having a job ahead of them and of not knowing how they will support themselves going forward!

Yes! the energy is changing.  Not only in the strength of the sun's energy or the change of the breezes that bring the cooler air but also in the energy of people.  Perhaps you've felt it?  You're a little less energetic.  You're ready to snuggle in just a little bit earlier in the evenings.  You're a little melancholy and you don't know why.

With the changing of the season an entire transformation happens.  The trees begin to loose their leaves in preparation for winter, the sun's energy is less and we as humans absorb that change as well. 

If you are feeling the stress or energy change of the end of summer it is important to respect this and allow you body time to adjust.  Take a look back on what you've done over the summer months and soak up the warmth of those memories.  Take a deep breath!  Now close your eyes and look foward to the coming months and what changes you might expect.  Take a deep breath!  Now with your eyes still closed, try to clear you mind and just sit in silence.  If you find sitting in silence stressful then pull out a piece of paper and just allow yourself to write down your thoughts.  Perhaps you will allow visions of what you'd like to see happen over the next couple of months.  Happy visions!  Now take a deep breath.

Whether you're the parents sending off your children to school or the children going off to school or the teacher that has this past June retired and is either sad or joyful in the thought of not going back to school, remember that YOU can control some of your stress.  YOU have the power to stop for a moment and take a breath, refocus and then make a decision to move in a direction that will benefit YOU!

There are many other "healthful" methods of dealing with the stress of "going back to school" that YOU have control over.  Never forget that!  YOU have control.