De-Stressing in a technology world!

Having been involved in the world of technology for 35 years before this career I can atest to the high stress level associated with creating, utilizing and delivering the latest and greatest technology tools. 

Now that I am involved in a totally different career style at the Studio Wellness Clinic I am aware of how much stress I have given up in my life.  That is not to say that I don't still use all the latest greatest technology tools, I do!  I just don't let the tools dictate my stress any longer.

I am involved in the social media tools of Facebook, Linked In, Twitter along with email and a website.  I use a BlackBerry and a laptop but I now also use others to assist me.  I've learned I don't have to do everything myself and I'm not the only one who can do it "perfectly".  I've learned I'm not a lesser person for freeing myself of those things that once caused me stress.

Well this past weekend I discovered another techy tool, the Rogers Rocket Stick!!  One of the stressers of being an entrepreneur is you sometimes feel you must always be in contact with and for your clients.  So... I trialed the "Rocket Stick" at the cottage, back in the bush over the weekend.  Well it didn't work in the cottage!  I didn't stress about it and instead went out and helped stack 8 cords of firewood and then helped move 24 yards of topsoil.  Nothing like a little hard physical work to declutter the mind and work the body. 

What I was able to do though was work all the way on the drive home, down the 400 and the 401.  I retreived and sent emails, responded to clients inquiries, and did some studying for a course I'm taking.  I must say the "Rogers Rocket Stick" gave me back 4 hours of work time that I wouldn't have had without it.  Perhaps it's not right for the cottage but maybe the lesson is that when at the cottage, act like you're at the cottage and relax!

I hope you can learn to de-stress in a technology world!