Help with Muscle Cramps

Do nighttime leg cramps sometimes keep you up? Here are some simple remedies you may want to try.


 1.                 Press in the spot of the epicenter of the muscle with your thumb, heel of your hand or a fist.  Hold the pressure for at least 10 seconds, and then apply again. 


2.                 Rub an aromatherapy oil blend of wintergreen essential oil and a carrier of oil such as fractionated coconut oil.  1 oz coconut oil to 8 drops of wintergreen oil.  DO NOT apply heat after as it can burn.


3.                 Before bed drink TONIC water as this contains quinine a popular remedy for leg cramps.  Do NOT take quinine tablets!


4.                 Try not to sleep with your toes pointed or have the sheets tucked in too tightly as the bottom of the bed.


5.                 Vitamin E has been shown to help prevent night cramps by improving blood flow through the arteries.


6.                 Ensure you are getting your trace minerals daily; magnesium, potassium and calcium.  If you aren’t taking supplements you may want to try a sports drink like Gatorade.


7.                 Reduce the amount of caffeine, chocolate and alcohol you are drinking and eating.  These are known diuretics.  Check to see if your blood pressure medication is a diuretic.  If so speak with your doctor about the leg cramps.  A diuretic can fatigue the muscle, weaken the muscle and cause leg cramps.


8.                 Drink water!  Dehydration can cause leg cramps.  Drink water constantly throughout the day and evening.


9.      Stretch your leg muscles before going to bed.  This makes the muscles and tendons more flexible and less likely to contract.


10.      To relax the muscle you need to increase the blood flow to the muscle by using warm heat to the affected area or applying magnets to the affected area.