Taking care of yourself

I often ask clients when they come in "what are you doing now to take care of yourself"?  Most reply that they don't have much time and are just managing to take care of everyone else in their lives.  There is a feeling that everyone else deserves the help but not them.

Here are some things to consider in taking care of yourself: 

Do you find yourself running to comfort a friend who has just relayed a stressful experience?

Do you find yourself feeling obligated to go to  your parents to assist with chores they shouldn't be doing themselves?

Do you find yourself taking on extra responsibilities like babysitting the grandchildren when you are exhausted because you love seeing them and you feel guilty if you don't?

Now ask yourself:

Do I stop and seek help or support when I find myself in a stressful situation?

Do I need to stop feeling guilty about having to help my parents because I really want to curl up with a book and a cup of tea?

Do I say NO once in a while with out feeling resentful that I've cheated myself of a moment?


We do have the right to say "no, not right now"!

We do have the right to take care of ourselves first and then others when we are rejuvenated!

We do have ther right to say it's not going to work today but how about tomorrow!  I'll have more energy then.


Remember you always have a choice and whether you react or not is how you can manage your stress and your health.

Start with yourself!  Honour your energy!  A healthy YOU should not be a luxury! It should be your standard.

Take care of yourself!