Today was one of those bittersweet days.  One of my clients who had had the laser treatments to quit smoking called a few weeks ago to say that they were smoking again and they wanted to redo the treatments.  Wouldn't it be nice if our first attempts at making a change for the better were always successful!!

When they came in they were very uneasy and as it turned out they had just been diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer.  So we did the laser procedure again and we've spent alot of time on the phone working through their fears, their regrets and their willingness to better themself for their own health and their sons.

They left me an urgent message to call today and as it turns out their appointment with the doctor was further rough news.  They have to have more biopsies next week and probably the diagnosis will be to remove part of their jaw, cheek and tongue.  They are scared and full of regrets.

So today in our call we focussed on something positive in their day!  Their coffee tasted good this morning, their socks didn't have any holes in the toes and the weather was warm.  We may not be able to change their physical health at this stage so we are focussing on their mental health so that they can face each new day.

Wouldn't it be great if everything we did in our life was for our best health both mentally and physically all of the time?

Wouldn't it be great if we could always find the positive in every bad situation?

It's bittersweet that we know how to be healthy but we disregard the possible results.

Can you find something positive in your day when it feels so rotten?  If you're struggling with a rotten day, just stop and take a moment to look at something pretty, listen to something sweet and just hold on to that moment.