Feeling like a child again

Well Halloween has once again come and gone.  It's that time when you can really feel like a child again!  A time to justify eating the candy, dressing up and getting people to do tricks for you. 

If you weren't into dressing up yourself you couldn't help but enjoy the dressed up little ones that came to the door standing in wonderment as people for no reason just gave you candy!!

Sometimes just reflecting back to your own childhood memories of Halloween and the fun you had going from house to house, the costumes you created and the time you spent with your best friends  can be healthy.

Can you remember your best costume ever?

Can you remember your favourite treat you received?

Can you remember sorting through the candy at the end of the evening and hiding it so no one took the good stuff.

If you can remember that feeling of being like a child again, then you are probably taking a deep breath, displaying a smile upon your face and relaxing with your shoulders dropped. 

If you can't find time to meditate or to go for that daily walk then once in while take a moment to remember a happy childhood memory and escape.

Feeling like a child again can be healthy for you.