slow down you're moving too fast

Last night I was listening to a Jack Johnson cd in my car and this fabulous song came on "slow down you're moving too fast" and it spoke to me.

We know for a fact that alot of the illnesses that plague people are a direct result of stress.

We also know that alot of the stress in our lives is from our compulsion to do more and to go faster and faster.

One of the "no cost" health care solutions that I offer to my clients is to try to slow down, just a bit.  Take a breath, say no to something, just try to slow down a bit for your health.

Look at what you're doing in your day, in your life and decide if there is something you can do to make time to breathe and slow down a bit.

Perhaps you will just take minute, slow down and listen to Jack Johnson speak to you, I know he spoke to me watch the video here.