Focussed attention to your healthcare can pay off!

A regular client who has suffered from heart troubles, physical back pain, diabetes and work stress has been commited to coming for treatments on a weekly basis. We have combined Ionic Foot baths with Reflexology for a total body therapy and laser treatments for pain management for her back.

After a year of treatments she has received wonderful news from her Cardiologist.  He believes that her heart is healing and getting stronger.  He congratulated her on her commitment to focusing on her approach to getting healthy.  Her weight is down, her blood sugars are down and her back pain has diminished drastically.

With the right attitude, the right focus and time your health can change in a positive way.  Everyone is different and each person will rebound in their own time but dedication to getting better is the first step. 

I am so thrilled that this clients pain is reduced and the quality of her life is so improved.  As she would say, WOOOOO HOOOOOO!