It's January are you tired, are you wanting to hibernate?

The holiday season is over, the bills are rolling in, we're back to our regular working routine and the winter is starting to feel LONG.  Are you tired?  Are you wanting to hibernate to the couch, close your eyes and wake up when everything is turning green again?  You aren't alone!  Many people who made a commitment t to get active, get back on track and get going are now slowing down.

Many people set a goal for themselves but didn't take the time to write out the necessary steps to be successful.  If this sounds like you take a moment and go back to those goals you set.  With each goal, ask yourself if this is still a priority.  If it is write out 3 steps you need to take to action and achieve the goal.  The steps make it doable!  The goal is the reward!

Goals we set are the result; not the action!  So often we fail to plan and implement we don't implement the action that we give up our goals.  

If you're tired and you want to hide because you're not achieving your goals, STOP!

Take a deep cleansing breath, in through the nose, hold it and now breath out through the mouth.  Repeat this 2 or 3 times.  Oxygen to the brain will help replenish the energy to the body.

Drink some water, regularly.  Hydrating your body and your brain will help to alleviate the fatigue and blues.

Get a good nights sleep and set the intention that you will arise in the morning, take some deep cleansing breaths, hydrate your body and then set some steps out for the new day to be more active.

You can do it!!!