For many of us acronyms are a way of life.  They are effective because they short form titles and content into what should be an easy to remember trigger.  I know when I left telecom I thought I'd never be able to speak to someone in whole word sentences.  But lo and behold I can!

Now I find myself creating acronyms to help my clients remember alot of information in an easy fashion and that's where BALANCE comes into it.

In my practice I am always coaching my clients on how to attain balance in order to maintain or attain health, mental health, physical health, financial's all about BALANCE.

So my acronym I'd like to share with you BALANCE stands for the following.

If you want BALANCE remember that:

B is for breath, deep breathing to clear the mind and so much more

A is for awareness, notice how you are feeling at any given point in time

L is for language, what are you saying to yourself, change the negative talk into comforting positive talk

A is for alignment, take time to see what's out of kilter in your life

N is for nutrition, what are you feeding yourself, good food, good thoughts

C is for compassion and caring, stop and show some concern for yourself, ask yourself are you doing enough for YOU

E is for energy, take a moment and assess your energy level, if it's low it's time to refuel, a car can't run on empty and neither can you.

BALANCE do it for your health!